Top 10 Android apps for business and productivity

By on 08:01

For any entrepreneur, time is one of the most valuable resources. So anything that helps us to improve productivity in order to save time and therefore money never hurts.

We present a list of the top 10 business applications:


Bump is an application to share data and business cards through a "coup" using the motion sensors. It is available for iPhone and Android and is free .

2.Intuit GoPayment

This application allows users GoPayment process transactions for most credit cards over the phone. Available on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm webOS, and Symbian. It is priced at U $ S 12.95 per month plus $ S 0.30 for each authorization.

3.Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite

Document viewer supports Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and integration with a variety of services like Google Docs and Dropbox. Available for iPhone and Android. Price: U $ S 9.99.

4.Traveling TripIt

Special application for business. It helps you organize the trip, reserves and even allows you to share the itinerary with family or friends. Available on Android, iPhone and Blackberry. The standard version is free. 's also a Pro version for $ S 49 per year and a Business version that starts from U $ S 29 per month for 10 users.

5.Ezi CRM Sales

With this application you can manage and track sales opportunities and generate revenue forecasts for your business. Available for iPhone at a price of U $ S 9.99.

6.Scan2PDF Mobile

As its name implies, this app lets you take pictures of your documents to PDF then convert them all from the same phone. Available for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry soon. It is priced at U $ S 6.15 for Android and U $ S 6.99 for iPhone. There is also a free lite version.

7.Fuze Meeting

If you want to create a video, this application is the solution. It allows you to share data and even presentations. It is available for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. Furthermore, the application is free.


Timewerks is an invoicing application for anyone who needs to track time, materials and send invoices. Available for iPhone at a price of U $ S 9.99.

9.My Eyes Only

This application allows you to save critical data confidential or our company. Whether financial information, credit cards, passwords, etc.. Available for iPhone to U $ S 8.99


Evernote allows you to capture all those business ideas when we arise, either in the form of text, pictures or audio. Available for almost all platforms (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm webOS and Windows Mobile) and is free.