5 tips to improve your Android's performance

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An Android product works great at first but after a while it starts to slow, either because of lack of RAM or just because it fulfilled its life cycle .
improve android performence

However, there are ways to solve the problem using some tricks to make you look not forced to buy another
Here are some tips to improve the performance of your Android :

1.Factory Restore

You install many apps that you end up with some that do not need. They run in the background without you knowing about, consuming battery and basic resources.

To return your computer to its factory state, go to settings, click on " Backup ", slide to the bottom and choose" Reset "(this may vary depending on the model).

Restore factory settings will give you the opportunity to start again, so it is recommended to install only the apps I really going to use.

2.Software update

Can that even if your Android is something "old", there are some updates available. When installing you can improve the battery life and fix some bugs in the system.

3.Disable system applications

Lack of RAM is one of the main reasons that the device loses speed. The apps that run in the background take up memory and disable system applications contributes significantly to make your phone more faster.

This feature is only available in Android Jelly Bean 4.0 and above. You can do this by entering " Application Manager "in the Settings section, and then slide to the right to the tab" All ". Then click on the name of the application of the system you want to disable and select " Disable ".

Be careful not to disable the apps incorrect, as this can affect the performance of your Android. Do a search on Google for applications that can safely disable.

Convenient if apps have a telephone company , which are installed by default when you buy a phone with contract.


Greenify is an app you can not miss if your device is very old - we should clarify that requires root to run . Basically, Greenify allows some apps to enter hibernation mode and prevent wearing battery unnecessarily .

5.Make root and flash one Custom ROM

If all the steps above do not convince you or do not work, you can give your team root and flash one Custom ROM. While doing root can become a cumbersome process, the increase in the speed of your phone will be worth it . Also, with a Custom ROM have access to new features and depending on the ROM, you can enjoy a new version of Android .

This option is only recommended if you have the expertise, so we can not be responsible if something happens to your phone .