Best 7 Android apps for students

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This is one of the most useful apps you will, not only in school, if not once you get out of it and go in to work. This app syncs your files between devices by simply dragging and put them in a folder.

You can also share files publicly or with selected people, and collaborate with others in the same documents with a few clicks. In addition, it also automatically syncs all your photos.


To study for your exams, there is no better that this application of flashcards. It is especially useful to study languages ​​and learn vocabulary, but they are customizable, you can use them for stuff you want.

If you do not mind studying some subjects in English, it also contains an extensive library of flash cards that can be used to study different subjects, but for best results, you should definitely do themselves.

As a bonus, you can also save your own notes and use of flashcards.

RealCalc Scientific calculator 

No need to carry a calculator everywhere. Your phone can also be a. This free application contains all features of an advanced calculator you need.


The main advantage of this application is that once you enter your schedule, it alone is responsible to silence your phone when in class.
With it you can save notes, to do lists and organize your dates of assignments and tests.

Google Translate

This application serves to translate between almost any two languages. In an emergency you can also use a dictionary. Even recognizing the language for you, so you need not even know what language it is to translate.

MyStudy Life

Like Studious, this application serves to organize your student life. Keep your schedule, dates on which tasks you must give, take tests and also keeps a record of your grades.

Best of all, it is available in your Android phone and online, so you can use it in either and always have the same information that you need.

Smart Voice Recorder

Keep a record of all your classes talked with this simple application used to store voice.