Top 10 Apps should install on your Android tablets

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These 10 applications for Android are completely free and are obviously available on google play store to download. We leave you with the top 10 applications for yor android tablet.


Twitter client designed exclusively for Android tablets.With this application you will see your timeline, mentions, direct messages, tweet, retweet etc. You can also upload media content, receive alert notifications for when new tweets, mentions and direct messages, you can change the background of the application incorporates anytime TwitLonger to write more than 140 characters, among other functions.

Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser HD on your version, is one of the best Web browsers available for your tablet with Android. Not only have a better experience in navigation, also will sail faster, you have an interface similar to that of Google Chrome, you can install plugins or "added" to further improve your Web browsing experience, you can open tabs, you can change " User Agent "anytime, you have your own favorite folder, save complete pages, own window for downloads, supports multi-touch, among other functions.


WeatherBug at its exclusive version for tablets with Android, is an application that will keep you informed in real time of the weather situation in the sector where you are with your tablet.
You can find the current temperature, the current condition (sunny, cloudy, rain ... etc.), access to satellite images, radar, you will know what will the weather in the next 7 days, including "Find me" option (find me ) and so the application can access the GPS equipment to find your current location and show you all the weather details of where you are, and to top it off, you'll have access to images in HD from quality of cameras located in different parts of the world.

Vendetta Online

If you have a tablet with NVIDIA Tegra 2 and you like MMORPG style games, this game you have to have it.Vendetta Online is a massive multiplayer online game based on science fiction, and involves the management of ships and space stations in order to obtain victory systematic planetary systems and galaxies. This fantastic game was developed by Guild Software in 2004 and is considered an icon gave a unique model to this type of online adventures. Vendetta Online offers players a wide range of ways to conquer other peoples and nations either through the hard struggle or expansive trade. Each player can choose and shape their destiny by the sword or the weight of the coin.

Google Earth

Google Earth is a complete three-dimensional interactive atlas. The first thing you see when you run Google Earth is a globe, a world map by which you can move and move with your fingers. Some of its interesting features is the 3D exploration by displaying the same images you enjoy on your PC, in addition to perform a local search for cities, places and companies, with the power of Google search engine.

CNN App for Android Tablet

With the application of CNN for Android Tablets, you will see the latest happening in the world and enjoy the latest videos from major news and live streaming videos. Also you can share and comment on news and submit your news through the same module called iReport. All CNN directly to your tablet and totally free.

Kindle for Android

If you're good and you love to read books, this app is for you.Kindle for Android offers over 540,000 books with different themes. With Amazon Whispersync function you will see the last page you read when you close the application or changing book because it stays in sync. Among other functions, the application allows you to adjust the text size, add bookmarks, view annotations and easily turn pages with a flick flicker or touching the corner of the page.

Google Body

With Google Body will have access to a 3D model of the human body and can explore similar as you do so with Google Earth. You can go through the human body, discovering bones, muscles, organs, you can zoom in and navigate to parts that interest you like cities in Google Maps.

Pulse News

Press the application promises to be your news reader universal, because it has connection with Google Reader and besides its simplicity and ease of use, we will provide a flashy interface, presenting images of the inputs as access to news, for horizontal lines each feed and read each individual post with some equally attractive transitions. And to top it off, Pulse also integrates with Twitter and Facebook.


GoAruna is a powerful archive manager available exclusively for tablets with Android.Not only allow you to explore your files, copy, cut, paste, move ...etc, also gives you an account with 2GB of storage so you can store your files directly in the "cloud" and access them from any browser just enter That if you access to all of this, you must register first, but it's totally free.

These are the best applications that can not miss in your current or future tablet with Android. If you still do not have a tablet with Android. be sure to save this post in favorites because you will have a lot when your future tablet.


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