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How to completely transform your Android into an iPhone 5S

Here are expert in Android . Our readers visit us to know about this operating system, and that includes information about changing your mobile appearance, even to make it look like the competition. Yes, we are talking about iOS.

We have some applications for a touch of iPhone to our Android, perhaps Espier is best you do in this regard. True acceptable article explaining  this change aspect Android  completely, gives us an idea about what to do to make a drastic change in UI for our mobile, of course, maintaining the elegance and quality of the mobile operating system from Apple.
A Compleate compination of iOS 7 style & Android features
First, the most important thing is to install the iOS Espier Launcher 7 application on your mobile. This application will change the style of the app drawer and home screen for iOS 7. It is the main part of all this extreme make over .

Then you need to install some plugins for that launcher (are downloaded and installed from Google Play, like any other application), that will serve to add the rest of the main features of 7 in our smartphone iOS: Notification , Control Center  and Blocker Screen .

What these plugins is evident by its suggestive name allow us to have such functionality in our new iPhone mobile operating system.

Download Espier Launcher 

The most important advantage of this launcher, in addition to its high quality environment to simulate the iOS 7 is the customization , it offers allows us to change icons, font styles, backgrounds and sounds to completely emulate the iPhone. Also, apparently is quite smooth and has no problems slowly, as so often happens with applications. If you like Apple phone, maybe this is the best way for our Android looks like the above.


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