10 Best Free lock screen Apps for Android

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The Lock screen is the first thing someone would see as soon as they try to unlock the device. Therefore, it is powerless to have a good impression of the lock screen .The manufacturers add their own version of lock screen, but there are plenty of free and paid apps available to customize the lock screen free to personalize your smartphone or Android Tablet.
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MiLocker Powered by the team of the most popular Android ROM Miui.Milocker offers a simple and elegant design for your android. MiLocker screen allows you to customize Android as much as possible. Want sideslip? Vertical slip? Multiple points? Animation unlocking? Simply browse for your library and install themes that you like.Download MiLocker
Holo Locker

As the name suggests, this application lock screen looks like Holo design. The minimalist lockscreen application focused on some of the settings you want on the lock screen. If you like the single action, use Holo Locker to change some things like the status bar either hide or off and change the text color.
Download Holo Locker
Picture Password Lockscreen

A great idea to unlock Android devices. With Lockscreen Picture Password you can set customized gestures such as points, lines and circles on background images chosen. It is necessary to draw the pattern later in time to open the device.Download Picture Password Lockscreen
iOS 7 Lockscreen HD

iOS 7 Lockscreen simulates 3D effect on Android, the app comes with iOS 7 desktop backgrounds and also supports custom backgrounds. Each user can also configure pin to enhance safety.
Download iOS 7 Lockscreen
GO Locker

No need to say about Go Locker for Android, and coming from the same team of Go Launcher, a android application luncher widely used andpopular. Like its Go Launcher, go locker comes with thousands of items to use and customize.Download GO Locker
Sparky Lock Screen Lite

Similar to Go Locker this LockScreen MiLocker app and also provide a list of creative themes. Unlike the previous two Sparky Lite comes withplenty of preinstalled themes so you do not need to download additional themes. For a full list of items, you will need to buy the Pro version of the application.
Download Sparky Lite
Active lockscreen

Active lockscreen you can place a list of application shortcuts on the lock screen. The lockscreen app also shows recently used apps andcontact numbers for quick access with multiple issues available.
Download Active lockscreen
Windows 8 Lock Screen

It is a simple application that replaces the preinstalled lock screen to give your Android device a look of Windows 8. You can also use a custom background of windows 8.
Download Windows 8 Lock Screen


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