Top 10 Android Apps for The bloggers and writers

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As every blogger needs to stay connected and updated on the latest trends in the blogosphere and on their own niche . Today this does not mean to be sailing across websites, luckily we now have a phone that can take any  smartphone. If you're an Android user ,I share to 10 apps to make your life easier as a blogger .

1. WordPress App for Android

No doubt that WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the Internet. Use this app to get directly your WordPress admin panel and post to your blog. Can perform many essential tasks as moderate comments, edit, add photos or videos and manage your blog directly from a smartphone.

2. Blogger App for Android

Blogger is the second blogging platform most used, and if you are using Blogger as a blogging platform, this is the application that allows Compose, See list of your entries, insert images, labels and manage your google account from your Android smartphone .

3. Hootsuite App for Android

Hootsuite is a social media app for Android that lets you send updates to Twitter and Facebook. Besides allowing program updates to your social networks and see clickthrough, manage your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare.

4. Google Reader App for Android

Google Reader is one of my favorite applications, because it helps me to get the updates from my favorite blogs, including everything related to the topic of software and web applications to publish one place. Google Reader app for Android is the perfect solution for keeping organized updates their blog and websites.

5. Google Analytics App for Android

This is most useful for bloggers who like to do their calculations on application traffic. This application makes it easy to check your blog stats, number of page views, traffic source and much more through Google Analytics from your mobile device.

6. Paypal App for Android

use this application to manage your Paypal account to buy things that you like, send money to anyone, transfer money to contributors and more. This application can help you check your balance from anywhere and at any time.

7. Gmail App for Android

Gmail is one of the most desirable customers email, and almost all bloggers use it. Through the application you can easily connect your personalized email (domain) addresses. Gmail App for Android helps keep your conversations wherever you go. I know you are probably already using it, but hey I had to include it to make a real top 10 list.

8. Facebook App for Android

Facebook App for Android helps you stay connected and share status updates on your site or profile, review your upcoming events, chat with friends, share links and read news all from your home screen. In my opinion, the application is also better than the mobile user experience.

9. Twidroyd for Android App

Twidroys for Android is the app for Twitter that works very well on your Android smartphone. It has a free and paid version, but the paid version is elegant and worth a few bucks. This allows us to do everything, like seeing web pages and see photos next to tweets. Recommended for advanced users of Twitter.

10. Writer App for Android

This is a basic notebook notes to help write their projects, copy and paste, even if you have an Internet connection. Whenever you feel the mood of writing, open this app and concentrate on writing. If you believe an application should be on this list, leave a comment.


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