10 Free Apps to Convert PDF on Smartphones & Tablets

By on 02:22

The PDF format is probably the best option as it is a stable file format that lets you read the text and images as they are. There are plenty of applications that can be used to view files on their mobile devices PDFBut what about converting these files in PDF on the device itself?

Well, this article is to describe 10 applications free to convert PDF on your Smartphone or Tablet either iOS or Android .

1. Able2Extract PDF Converter

It is a free cross-platform application for creating PDF documents from documents MS Office , convert PDF documents to PowerPoint, Word and Excel in just 2 steps. The files converted can be stored in the local storage of the phone and easy sharing across other applications . Platform: iOS | Android

2.File Converter

The conversion will be done securely online and files can be converted back to download the application. The supported file formats including video, documents, audio, eBooks (Ebook), images and files with over 100 supported formats. Platform: iOS | Android | BlackBerry

3. PDF To

It is a free app for iPad that converts documents from iWork and MS Office , web pages, emails, images , contacts, SMS, clipboard content and even content to PDF format Dropbox. Besides, you can also use its additional features to annotate, organize and share files PDF. Platform: iOS

4.iFiles Converter Lite

Allows you to convert PDF documents on your iPhone. You can easily import files online storage like Dropbox, Google Drive or other applications of cloud storage. The supported file formats include documents MS Office , iWork documents, HTML pages, images and files text. Platform: iOS

5. DOCAS Lite

It is an all-in-one that lets you read PDF, convert , annotate and manage PDF documents directly to your iPad. It has a built converter that converts PDF documents to MS Office , iWork documents, HTML and text formats to PDF. Platform: iOS

6. Doc Scan

It is an app that turns your PDF printout. Scan Doc converts your paper documents into PDF format with the iPhone or iPad. Simply take a picture of your paper documents, scan to application, and convert .'s image in a high resolution PDF realtime Platform: iOS

7. DocToPDF

DocToPDF is an Android application that converts doc, docx, xls, xlsx, rtf and txt to PDF and share the converted PDF documents via email or Bluetooth. It also includes a PDF viewer to view and review the PDF file converted. Platform: Android

8. Office Converter

Want to convert documents of MS Office on your Android phone? Try Office Converter. Converts file formats Word, Excel and PowerPoint in PDF documents. However, the conversion will be done online so an Internet connection is required. You can also password protect files PDF converted. Platform: Android

9. Web to PDF

Web to PDF is an add-on for Dolphin Browser that allows users to convert a web page into a PDF file, view or share at any time. Platform: Android

10. PDF Converter

It is a lightweight application that converts any document to a PDF file. The conversion is performed on the server and converts PDF documents are saved to the SD card in the "Download" folder. Platform: Android


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