How to Install Android 4.3 on Windows PC (Jelly Bean)

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If you are interested in installing and testing the latest Android 4.3 , But you do not have any android supported devices? Dont worry you can try it on your computer with install the SDK or the Android emulator .

First you have to download and install VirtualBox on Windows,then you can run Android 4.3 on a virtual machine.It will work on windows XP/7/8 .

Steps to Install Android Operating System on PC.
1. Download and install VirtualBox if you do not already have.

2. Download  an ISO files on the page of Android-x86. Download the Android 4 .3.

2. Create a new machine and select "Linux" for type and "Linux 2.6" .

3. Then run the new virtual machine and select the ISO file Android-x86 that you downloaded.

4. If the steps of installation as shown in the video in detail and restart your virtual machine.

5. Once on the screen welcome, follow the installation wizard to configure Android 4 .3 with a Google account that will be used to download and install applications and games from Google Play.

That's all. If you have any difficulty installing , feel free to leave your comments.

Note : Some applications or games do not work properly for lack of drivers in sound and camera.


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