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You're the lucky ones to have a Samsung Galaxy s4 in your pocket?, Get him out of there and sacale the greatest advantage possible, how? because rooteandolo, Make him Root Samsung Galaxy S4 to today is a reality and is accomplished very easily, in a few steps which I will detail later.

Well, with this you can get the rights to access the Android directories so that we can delete some system applications among many other things (such as installing applications that are not on Google )

Why to root my Samsung Galaxy S4?

When you root there may be risks and you can lose the warranty. If the steps are followed there should be no problem. This tutorial is ONLY valid for the  Samsung Galaxy S4 in the GT-I9505 version (if you have a GT-i9500 (ie 600 Snapdragon processor quad core 1.9 Ghz), leave the link at the end of the file download, the process is the same.Not forget to make a  backup of your files. While this procedure root is not entirely necessary, It is highly recommended.

Tutorial how to root the Galaxy S4 in 3 simple steps

  • What do we need to root the S4?
A computer with Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista, NT or 2000.
A USB Cable.
A Samsung Galaxy S4 with over 85% battery.
Download Odin v3.07.
Maybe also the Samsung drivers for the device is detected by your computer.

Step 1 - Preparing the files

In our computer ODIN and unzip the file CF-Root with a type program WinRAR to a folder, for example, called Root-S4.

Step 2 - Prepare ODIN

Already having all the files together in one folder, we will turn off our device and close Samsung KIES, in the event that it was open on our computer. opened ODIN by double clicking the file  . exe  and once opened, press "Reset" . In the PDA box we add the file CF-Root. ODIN window as shown in the following picture:

Step 3 - Turn on the S4 download mode 

Before turning our device to restart in download mode, check that the  USB Debugging  is enabled. We are going to  Settings -> Developer Options -> Activate USB debugging . Initially we will not have access to this option, but we can change if we are to  About phone  and  number Compilation  times we repeated clicking.

The device into download mode so we must press the button once Volume Down + Home + On / Off. We will get a screen to accept we have to press volume up. Once done, you only have to connect the phone to your computer via USB. The Odin program will recognize through the window  ID: COM . At this point we can now press 'Start'.

As I discussed earlier, we leave the Root file for GT-i9500:

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