[Solved] Android Error :Could not sign in there was a problem connecting to the server

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If you bought a tablet or an Android terminal of some Chinese website, surely you will meet this error. Failed to login, Could not sign in there was a problem connecting to the server , this phrase has multiple headaches for the owners of these devices.

The problem comes when trying to start our session on Google and its services (YouTube, Gmail and PlayStore, among others). Today we'll explain how to fix. this is very important you follow the instructions in the guide to the letter.

1. You will need to have root access on the device. If you have not already done so, we recommend visiting the following page . From their website you can download the application root Unlock pro free directly to your computer. It is worth mentioning that you must have installed the device drivers before installing Pro Free Unlock Root . Thanks to this software, compatible with the vast majority of generic devices, get to root quickly and easily.

2.in the previous step, we will have to download an application that allows you to browse and modify the file permissions on the Android system. Root Explorer is the application you like.

3. launch the application and give root permissions.

4. Using its attractive interface, navigate to the / etc / host directory and edit the file from within, ie host. In this file find different lines, however, only have to remove the first line: android.clients.google.com.
5. save the changes before you exit and close the application.

6.Finally, just miss again allows us to check whether log.

You may also serve ...
Perform a hard reset or factory reset. To achieve this,'ll turn off the device and keep the buttons pressed volume up and down, all next to the power button for approximately 5 seconds. After showing the configuration menus, seek to indicate the "RESET".
If none of the above options work you, you can try to visit the manufacturer's website and check if an update or patch that solvent such errors. On multiple occasions, using the next update I was able to resolve the problems.


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