Solution:" has stopped" on Android

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In recent weeks we have received some questions in the comments about a bug that occurs on Android: "the process has stopped" (the process has stopped) or "google . process.gapps has stopped unexpectedly "(google.process.gapps stopped unexpectedly).

Actually the error occurs on different devices and versions of Android, so let's not waste time mentioning or identifying devices where it happens, but if we're going to focus on the solution is very simple:
  • Go to MENU
  • Navigate to Configuration
  • Then applications.
  • Within ALL (All) Search DOWNLOAD MANAGER (or downlad Manager).
  • Deactivate and back on again
  • [Quote_box_right] Menu-> Settings-> Applications-> All-> Download manager (Deactivate and activate). [/ Quote_box_right]

Performing these simple steps should fix the problem, but still persists, clear your cache or uninstall applications downloaded applications recently, some of them may ocacione error.

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