5 Android apps to improve sound quality with equalizer

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These are our five equalizers and apps to improve audio performence in your androi devices.All these applications will improve the audio output of  phones and increasing the musical possibilities. Of course it enhance the sound on a phone that does not have hardware up to the task , but no doubt get much play when using the different audio players. something to keep in mind and being Android applications that do not need ROOT access to work.

This is an application for better sound in Android  that has more history in the tent, having extensive experience in auditory modulation devices and providing a huge number of options. its name suggests, is a complete equalizer Equalizer for Android , featuring different custom settings and presets . In addition, we will have auto detection to automatically adjust the equalizer Equalizer type sound to sound, bass boost effect, virtualizer and different widgets.

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Bass Booster

As the name suggests, this application for better sound in Android will specifically geared to low, something that is quite similar to HTC Beats Audio . Although Bass Booster is very configurable and can be enabled with integrated equalizer to change the sound spectrum. Available in two versions, a free, functional and other Pro is currently on sale , we can adjust our music listening needs, featuring virtualization and reverb settings if acquired Bass Booster payment. If disponéis sound settings on your mobile or tablet, this app is highly recommended.

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DSP Manager & Equalizer

Aimed directly emulate different listening environments, this application gives us a sound equalizer as horizontal controls, showing at the top of the display and maintaining audio settings for bass boost and virtualizer . All in one simplified display the maximum, maintaining a very high quality sound and haptic feedback to adjust the balance. We have two versions of Equalizer & DSP Manager , being somewhat lame free because, although it works perfectly and has no ads, we can not load the preset EQ settings nor the DSP.

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EQ Music Volume

This application is a handy equalizer presets, bass amplifier and virtualizer , albeit with a different from previous applications graphics. For starters, its design is more like a widget, floating on the desktop when opened  Music Volume EQ . This design is directly inspired DJ table, showing the vertical controls with audio display on the main screen. We also have here the volume of the Android device, showing the equalizer and other settings by clicking on the button " EQ ". Besides varying the equalization manually will have preset for modulation. May slightly decrease the power output, but EQ Music Volume enrich get enough play. Although display advertising with the floating controls.

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Music Equalizer

Music Equalizer gives us a display of sound on top along with the option to load songs from there, although it is an application that affects the sound of the device as a whole . Below see a gigantic display volume button, where getting to other settings by clicking on the button at top left.

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Do you think these are best? Do you have any other favorite app? Well, if you know leave it in the comments. 


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