How to Fix Nokia Lumia unboot after hard reset or update

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Many users need to apply a hard reset our devices, But they have detected some problems with this process and some devices do not get past the first step showing gears constantly turning. Then I discussed a method to try to recover the nokia lumia device.

The good news is that, before taking the Nokia device to what will try to recover, you can now attempt a first terminal recovery at home, and try to fix it yourself.

Step 1: Install Nokia Software Updater for Retail

The first step is to download the software from Nokia that lets you install the firmware on our phone. If you had already, just open it and tell you that there is an update.

Step 2: Connect the phone to your computer

The next step is simply to connect the phone to the computer with the USB cable. Of course, the device will light if it was not, but will not be recognized by any application (you may receive a message that a USB device is not recognized.) We start the Nokia Software Update for Retail application and see the image indicates that we connect the phone.

we see a button that tells us: "my device does not boot" . It's what we choose to enter will use in the next step wizard.

Step 3: software reset

In this step, you click Continue, the program tries to find the phone, and then you apply a soft reset . To do this, we pressed the buttons on and volume down until we noticed a vibration. When the phone starts to boot you again, you should see that is recognized by the program.

Step 4: Installing the firmware

In this step, download the firmware needed Nokia server, and then proceed with the installation if necessary. By installing a complete firmware, is how to perform a clean installation of the software on the terminal, so if there is no hardware problem should be solved and recover your phone. The process is the same as mentioned for upgrade to Lumia Amber .

We hope the tutorial will serve as a support and allows you to recover those devices that are giving you headaches after the hard reset.


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