How to fix the problem of renaming WhatsApp contact

By on 05:00

If an application that is key to the explosion of mobile applications, at least in Spain, is WhatsApp. There is not only Android, but also in current operating systems.

So an impact on the systems or drop some havoc server. And a problem with the contacts? Even more. That I speak today as it has been known bug WhatsApp amending our contact list names changing every one: Priyanka .

Operation is simple. If you add a user to the app that is called Priyanka all our contacts will be renamed as well. And that way As you can imagine it is very easy to use instant messaging client.

If we receive an application contact this person and we accept this, but if we ignore it nothing will happen. The problem comes when we have the problem because we have accepted the invitation.

In that case the solution is not too complicated.

  • Go to contacts, looking Priyanka and delete.
  • Go to mobile settings.
  • Select Applications and looking WhatsApp.
  • Select this application.
  • Click on it and then click the Force Quit option.
  • Click to delete data.

This will restart the application and load the new contact base, which to be erased from Priyanka contacts again have their original names.
Something that we recommend from FAQSAndroid is that while we can add to people who do not know in person, in case you have a strange name such as Internet seek before if there are problems with it.