Install Android KitKat launcher 4.4 on any mobile or tablet

By on 02:03

The process for installing the launcher is as follows:

  • Install Google Play Service s, downloading  this apk .
  • Install Google Search with the apk from this link .
  • Finally, download and install the Android launcher Apk KitKat from here .
  • Once we have the three apks installed, just need to press the Home button on your device, appearing interface options.
  • Select " Launcher Google Search "and mark to be associated Always Home button (we eliminate this behavior by accessing the app options and clicking on" Clear defaults ").

In the case of meeting a FC of Google Search, we must act as we detailed Juan in the comments: on starting the launcher, press the menu button and then settings. Come to "Voice" and select a language other than Spanish. We return to the beginning and make a search in the widget. Repeat the operation going back to voice settings and restore the language to Spanish. It should work correctly launcher .

The launcher will show the new options superimposed on the screen, showing a move to Google Now to the left of the desk, the operation of the folders, the new selection of widgets and wallpapers or creating folders. Not too much has changed, but we found an evolution that is poised to get the best possible experience with all search options and location of Google Now . What do you think this new Android 4.4 launcher KitKat ?