WhatsApp:Install on iPad or iPod without Jailbreak

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Fortunately desktop applications developed by third parties to administer our mobile devices as an alternative to iTunes, we offer the option to take advantage WhatsApp from an iPad or iPod touch without having to jailbreak either because they do not want to do it or because it is not yet available for our version.

WhatsApp on iPad or iPod touch without Jailbreak (works on iOS 7)

What do you need?

  • WhatsApp can download from iTunes.
  • An iPhone own or borrowed.
  • Download iFunbox for Mac or Windows.

The process

  • If the number you will use in WhatsApp from iPad or iPod touch your install is different confirgurado already, delete the current version and download it from iTunes.
  • Once downloaded from iTunes and installed from scratch on the iPhone with the number that we use , we find the IPA application. To do this, once downloaded from iTunes, we only go to the download section, locate the WhatsApp icon, press right click and select "Show in Windows Explorer" if you're on Windows or see if you are in Mac application . Upon entering the folder where you installed the latest version of WhatsApp just drag it to the desktop should be able to easily access it because later be reused.
  • With WhatsApp IPA file to open iFunbox proceed, connect the iPod touch or iPad and click on "install application" will open a subwindow and WhatsApp IPA chose to drag to the desktop. iFunbox install the application but must not open yet.
  • We disconnected the iPad or iPod touch and connect the iPhone to open iFunbox. Once it has been recognized, we sailed on "User Applications", we WhatsApp and drag to the desktop folder "Documents" and "Library". Disconnect the iPhone.
  • We return to connect iPod touch or iPad, we entered "user applications", WhatsApp and replace these folders you dragged to the desktop.
  • It's everything you need to WhatsApp users without Jailbreak iPod or iPad.

Do you Jailbreak?

  • Download WhatsApp from iTunes or from other sites that will allow and save the iPA on your desktop.
  • Enter Cydia, install WhatsPad .
  • Install WhatsApp for iFunbox or iTunes if you prefer.
  • That's all.