Samsung Galaxy S5,release date,features,specifications and latest rumors

By on 21:12

The current phone Samsung Galaxy S4 was released in April 2013. Which came packed with many features and has helped many users to switch phones. It is also important to say that Samsung sold an estimated 20 million Samsung Galaxy S4 within two months. This is an article about the Samsung Galaxy S5 . Where we bring you the latest news and rumors about the phone in the period prior to its opening next year.

Let's see some of the interesting details for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 . No doubt it will be very different to Samsung Galaxy S4. since their duties until their new specifications. Let's see some of them.

Samsung Galaxy S5 specifications:

It is said that the Samsung Galaxy S5 come with a 64-bit processor. Speaking of Korea Times, Shin Jong-Kyun CEO has promised that the processor found in the new iPhone 5s from Apple will be the same as the S5. And recently, Samsung has confirmed it is working on 64-bit processors for its phones in 2014, although the company did not announce anything yet.

According to Woo, the company plans to develop a 64-bit chip based on ARM designs. Once you have mastered the technology, is believed to be the last chip for Samsung phones 2014. In late August, a rumor emerged that claimed that Samsung is trying to stop using polycarbonate back covers in their phones.

Samsung Galaxy S5 operating system:

Still not sure if the mobile OS Tizen will be developed by Samsung or Intel. After a period of tension between Samsung and Android earlier this year, we will see if it is included in the Samsung Galaxy S5 . In fact, Boo-Keun Yoon revealed that Samsung plans to connect all your devices with the new OS. That includes mobile phones. That said, we doubt that Google wants to kill the Android with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 . Chances are that you can see two versions of the Samsung Galaxy S5 for sale: an Android version and a version Tizen.

The Samsung Galaxy S5:

In early September, rumors began to spread that Samsung is working on a 16 megapixel camera camera for the Samsung Galaxy S5 technology with optical image stabilizer (OIS). At the moment there is only one wing end smartphone from Samsung that comes with OIS, and that is the Galaxy S4. There has been no word or rumor on when we can get our hands on the  Samsung Galaxy S5 .

However, Samsung is generally consistent when it comes to launching new models of their phones. As such it is a pretty safe bet that Samsung will unveil the  Samsung Galaxy S5 in March 2014. But by April.