4 applications to control data consumption on iOS and Android

By on 22:06

The excellence of smartphones is getting better. Their operating systems are very sophisticated and install applications options to improve our daily lives are extended periodically. In this sense, data consumption is a major concern, the telephony providers usually offer packages for users to choose the one that best suits them, in terms of capacity and price.

Therefore it is advisable to have an application that can monitor our consumption data, for which we bring you four options for iOS and Android in order that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Traffic Monitor

Traffic Monitor allows us to be aware of consumption via 3G and WiFi. Notifies when consumption have exceeded daily and monthly data, which is necessary before all input data used plan. In its latest update was added speed test function and device information. It's simple and very effective.

Download the version for iOS and Android .

  • Data Usage

On a single screen, Data Usage shows 3G data consumption. Its interface is very nice, because the measurement is done through a measure. It has the function of displaying in a map data consumption. In his version of Android, shows a widget with consumption information.

Download the version for iOS and Android

  • My Data Manager

My Data Manager shows the applications that are consuming data automatically. Configure alarms that warn us if we are near the maximum data consumption. In addition, a choice of two modes, the general and the detailed, the second consumes more battery, but is best suited.

Download the version for iOS and Android

  • Onavo Count

Count Onavo can monitor consumption data and block the use of applications that consume large amounts of data. In the Android version, provides the option to use 3 widgets. The first, to control our consumption, the second displays the consumption of each application, and the third, possible to see the applications used in real time.

Download the version for iOS and Android

So do not expect that consumption consume you. Take control of your data through these applications that we are sure will be very useful. Download the one you want and tell us your experience.