5 Free alternatives to WhatsApp for Android Tablets

By on 22:15

WhatsApp has been a surprise to Android users. Although so far we have used the app for free, will now be paid subscription. It is true that the price demanded by the application is minimal (just 78 cents per year), but the decision has raised some controversy and debate on free applications has resurfaced. Why pay for something when you get it for free others? Now that Line has just come into force in the multi-platform instant messaging and is free, does well WhatsApp to charge users even once a year?

For this reason it has been much talk these days of the alternatives to Watshapp , mainly from Line , its nearest competitor. Although WhatsApp is still a very popular service (except for its interface and always questioned privacy of phone numbers), it is well know that the world does not stop because it will be paid for. Nor is it the only feasible alternative Line. There are other instant messaging systems free mobile very useful to download. Let's see them.

1. Hike Messenger

Obviously it is not as popular as WhatsApp. But it has a great advantage. Works with the same address book that we loaded. No need to search in a long line to start a conversation. The interface, recognizable by its blue, is very simple and pleasing to the eye. On the screen are the typical conversations snacks for each message. You can send videos, photos and very different emoticons. You can also make group discussions in groups . In this not unlike WhatsApp, I go in the download is still free.

Moreover, it applies to iOS, Android, Nokia, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Weighs 7.7 Megas and mode of transmission of messages between friends is 2G, 3G or Wifi.

2.Facebook Messenger

Its main advantage is that the vast majority of the contacts I have. You can send pictures and videos. One of the curiosities is the voice messaging , which can function as a substitute for the messages on the answering machine.

However, this platform has some drawbacks : for example, the space occupied (9.5 meg), consumption data or great instability . Sometimes there are unexpected closures or messages take too long to arrive. Usually Facebook applications for mobile devices have been the Achilles heel of this company.


This is a promising alternative of Spanish origin. With the advantages it offers, could stand up to Line and WhatsApp in the future. Spotbross was launched very recently, in November 2012, but has already reached one million users and still growing. It offers a number of options, the SBApps, which makes instant messaging is completely different as we knew it.

For example, one of the sights included are the "shout" . These allow you to communicate with strangers around you, something very useful and fun if you ask where a street, a pub or a restaurant or perhaps more creative occurrences. Then there are the "spots" or geo groups (traffic, concerts, etc..), to which one can subscribe and that come in handy to start chats by theme.

4.Group me

Hike As we can only have it in English. The size is larger (9.9 megs) and not much different from WhatsApp. From the beginning born oriented creation of talk groups when WhatsApp not offer this functionality yet.

However, it has some characteristics that give certain charisma. Without going any further, the interface is more elegant, to show the pictures to each message in the conversation screen. We must also emphasize the originality of the "questions" , a function that allows us to ask a question either to characters of our contacts, on Facebook and on Twitter.

5.Nimbuzz Messenger

Very useful for those who, in addition to chat, want to make free calls to contacts using VoIP . Voice is transmitted via the Internet through an IP protocol to the receiving device. Along with free messaging, offers full service free calls and messages. It has all the features of the messaging services (groups, sending files, etc..), with the addition that facilitates "group calls" to your contacts.

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As is the case with Spotbross, has geolocation and allows you to enter a series of rooms chat groups . The interface is attractive and can be downloaded in Spanish for Android. Occupies 7.1 megabytes, let alone WhatsApp. To not eat too much, Nimbuzz sends you notifications when someone wants to locate. Although sales connected to your friends, you can keep the enclosed application for not using data and battery.