Top 10 launchers to customize your Android phone

By on 06:29

The launchers allow us to customize our full home screen. What are the best we can find in Google Play? This is our selection.

1.Action Launcher

We begin our list with the best launchers for Android with a creative proposal, which gives us a different approach to launch our applications. With a completely different look that can be found on Android, Action Launcher allows us to use our applications differently. One of the differentiating factors is the ability to interact deeply with applications through gestures, something that is often missed by other launchers.

2.Apex Launcher

Another favorite that has earned a place in the lists of best launchers for Android, is Apex Launcher . One of its main purposes is to give us all the customization capabilities that we have. As one of the launchers we'll see in a few lines, Nova allows us to maintain an aesthetic very similar to what we find in stock Android, but also gives us nine different home screens with customizable grids

3.Nova Launcher

Let us now with Nova Launcher , one of the most popular, allowing us to maintain an aesthetic very similar to that we can get a pure Android. For users looking for simplicity, Nova Launcher is one of the best alternatives. One of the differentiating factors is that we can expand the space we use on the computer screen, as the number of home screens you have, and giving us lots of customization options.

4.Buzz Launcher

If what you want is something completely different from what we see every day on Android, we can also choose to Buzz Launcher . It is focused on the design, and to offer a different experience. The design is clearly the high point of Buzz Launcher, although the offer is not drastically different from what we find in other similar applications.

5.Go Launcher EX

The differential value of Go Launcher is able to offer its users an impressive amount of themes for your home screens. In fact, with the number of 10,000 different topics within the application, we will not have trouble finding a topic that is exactly what we are looking for. In addition, Go Launcher allows these issues to be used in other launchers like Nova and Apex, among others. Also allows us to make more advanced changes in the way the folders and icons are presented.

6.Only Launcher

Only Launcher also provides an interesting design, adding some features ideal for people who can not part with your phone. Among other things, we can see how many unread emails from the screen, work with gestures to select apps and widgets, save applications into custom folders, and more. We can also customize weather widgets, to get exactly the info we are looking for, and also find different themes to install. There are too-under 300 - but they are creative.

7.Next Launcher

The factory also the creators of Go Launcher, we Next . What it offers is different in three dimensions. It has interesting 3D effects, but also noted for its ability to organize and manage our applications installed and the home screen more efficiently. Us to perform actions on the group from the home screen.

8.Launcher 7

Here is a launcher with an approach quite different. It has the same features you can find in the most common launcher-organization, management apps, and more-but with a different look. With Launcher 7 we can have a kind of Windows Phone in our Android. Why not buy a Windows Phone directly? Well, there are people for everything.

9.True Launcher

One of the differential values ​​of True Launcher , which means that it is within the best launchers for Android, organization is the ability it gives us. If you do not have much time to get to organize our applications, True Launcher is done automatically from the categories that were taggeadas within the Play Store. It also has a search engine for people who have many apps installed.

10.Yandex Shell

Finally, we close the selection of the best launchers for Android with Yandex Shell , an application launcher handy for the home screen, the address book and the Phone application. Soon we can customize most of the screens, and switch between them to find just the widget or shortcut that we seek.


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