The best 8 educational apps for Windows Phone

By on 23:10

There are educational apps for all tastes, not to mention all sorts of apps that indirectly are also useful and allow you to use your Windows Phone as query device , text editor, device storing documents , etc..


The main tool of the student is his backpack, because it carries everything you need, such as books, notebooks, pens and dictionaries. In this case, the application is used to sign the schoolbag class schedules , assignments, a list of your classmates or teachers and even a list of tasks to remember anything outstanding in your day to day.

Learn English

 The languages ​​are essential in a globalized world. There are many applications to complement your English classes or any other language. I emphasize this because it is very practical, with 3,000 words that include images, pronunciation and usage examples, all without having to connect to the Internet. In addition, the author provides the same application for other languages ​​, such as German, Italian, French, Portuguese and Swedish.


 Although available in English only, this application will be very useful for dealing with mathematics, the exact science that many of us can not understand. The usefulness of this application is that it explains 20 math topics , from radicals and logarithms to integrals and derivatives, to calculate areas and volumes, trigonometry, etc.. Although do not you clarify the language, the formulas are universal, so you should remind certain formula or where to use it.

Scientific Calculator 

 At some level, the mathematical problems are impossible to solve without going to the calculator, especially when they appear the sines, cosines, tangents and logarithms. With this scientific calculator can solve all kinds of scientific and arithmetic operations . Among its peculiarities, has a history to recover operations you perform in the past.


 In my day it was the Encarta, but today all students come to Wikipedia and Encyclopedia principal. Several readers for Windows Phone, but it is one that offers higher quality at the level of text and images. With Internet access you will have all of Wikipedia at your fingertips from your phone.


 Mind maps are a practical way to organize many concepts, relating ideas to facilitate your study. This application will help you create mind maps using templates.

World Map

Although from Windows Phone can easily access maps, this application will be very useful for countries and continents , with high resolution images of the entire globe. The only flaw is that it shows the places in English only.

Periodic Table

For chemistry students, this app will be very useful to see first hand all the elements of the periodic table , its position in the table and historical information on each.