Top 10 image and photo editor apps for Android

By on 23:01

We used to work with image editing from the big screen of a computer. However, since the proliferation of portable devices like tablets and smartphones variety of huge screens for its category that exist, it is natural for image editing and image also comes to mobile app stores.

 So today we will make a list of the best Android image editors, from the best known and backed by years of experience, to the most innovative and specific. If you have any suggestions let us, as you can always do it in the comments.

Snapseed : now available for free on their mobile versions, Snapseed is an application whose "mother company" specializes in photographic software products, was bought by Google. One of the first decisions was to "kill" the desktop version and make available free mobile app. An interesting move that helped increase the user base. What we can do with Snapseed? It is a powerful photo editing suite, with advanced features such as noise reduction images (which is essential to photos taken with the phone, but we can not expect miracles).

Photoshop Touch : Adobe finally understood the importance of having their most popular applications in mobile format. While Photoshop Touch is completely usable in the tablet market, can also be used on a smartphone. Keep in mind that it has all the functionality found in the desktop version, but we can make basic settings such as cropping, brightness, contrast, and also work in layers. For those with significant mobile screens is an excellent choice.

PicsArt : This application is one of the Android image editors easier to use. Its true value lies, in fact, in the amount of effects you can add to our photos. It comes in two versions, one free with limited functionality, and payment, where we can also add more fonts and more effects to put the pictures. With this application, until we can create screen savers for use in mobile.

Pixlr-o-matic : in the pre-Instagram, this application was one of the best alternatives. Now we can go imagining that the power of Pixlr-o-matic resides in photographic filters that allow us to make our images have a more vintage look. If you do not want to participate in Instagram, which we know has a whole social network behind it is a good alternative. The filters leave nothing to be desired and in fact are a different proposition to the alternatives known to most enthusiastic users of Instagram.
3CBRE7FZADKV TouchRetouch : if we want a more professional approach, what we can do is choose TouchRetouch, one of the most interesting Android image editors that also comes in two versions, with a free alternative with some features missing. We can even remove people from a picture, and also have the ability to use a kind of clone stamp. So we can save the EXIF data of a photo when finished editing.

PicSay : if what you want is a little more playful alternative, then this may be what we were looking for. Also available in a free version and a paid, and its differential value lies not in the ability to use layers or editing tools, but to do fun things with images. Whether editing pictures for everyone to have a mustache, or putting together a collage funny, PicSay has everything. One may question their long-term usefulness, but we're talking about image editors for Android and making PicSay has a unique style.

PicsPlay : if we are working with high resolution images, this is one of the best alternatives. Since many of the applications listed, we can work with filters, but with an impressive amount: more than 200 filters to be added to the photos, separated into different categories. Furthermore, let us also crop images according to the look that we want and we can also add other things to the photo as bullets, textures, frames, and more.

AfterFocus : If you still do not know how to set up our camera phone to take decent photographs, AfterFocus gives us a hand. Through the publication of a photo approach, allows us to have pictures like those taken with a semi-professional camera. Of course, you can not do miracles, but if we have a photo with potential, can really bring it to light. Moreover, it is too complicated to use and helps us quickly edit our images without problems.

BeFunky : again, we return to one of the most sought after qualities in Android image editors, special effects. BeFunky is a tool that specializes in them, and offers over 20 effects let you emulate old photographs. But it goes further and gives us also some issues that are important to "get" the photo, such as cropping and rotation. It is very simple to use.

Little Photo : Finally, we close our list of photo editors for Android with Little Photo, which although does not have much to offer, what you have may be more than enough to have her bedside application. It has many effects designed to emulate analog photography, many filters, and some basic photo editing. It is also completely free and we will not be missing extra features.