5 Practical tips to save battery on Nexus 5

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We know the new Nexus 5 and all the benefits it can offer. One of these features smarphone with so many running processes comes great demand for energy and also, as we already saw, the battery life of the Nexus 5 is far from being as good as you would expect from a phone of this type .

But through specific practices or tricks we can achieve energy savings and thus cause the battery on Nexus 5 is more durable. So, here are 5 tips that will help you save battery.

5 tips to save battery on Nexus 5


Many applications such as Google Maps, Facebook or Twitter are turning to GPS for our location. This means that the function is always enabled so you know our location at any time, assuming constant power consumption . Before, the only way to save energy spent to disable this feature, but now with Android 4.4 KitKat allows us the option to make an energy-saving mode.

This requires access to Settings> Location> Mode and select the option "Battery Saver" .


Applications of our Nexus 5 and its associated services are a great battery consumption. These applications bring a permanent notification service "alertness" and therefore should configure each of these applications individually. However there are options that can help in this regard. For example, disable PUSH option for our mail. Therewith the new mail notifications do not occur when we, but the system update at certain intervals of time to see what's new, thus saving on device resources and turn into energy.

"Ok Google"

This new functionality included in Nexus 5 allows us to activate the phone when at rest by the phrase "Ok Google". This assumes that the device has activated all the time function that lets you hear this phrase. This logically implies an extra energy expenditure. If you think you can live without this feature can be disabled by accessing the  Google Now> Settings> Voice and unchecking the option "Ok Google . "


This technology is an unknown to most users, although not new and today lead many integrated devices market. It was conceived as a data transmission technology short-range and function led to the identification and validation of equipment or people. In Spain its use is practically zero, so for now we can do without this technology and thus save some battery . To disable it, you have to access Settings> Wireless & networks> Other Networks and disable "option NFC . "


Another way to save battery on  Nexus 5  is turn off synchronization . This option is not entirely appropriate, since in this way we will not date all our accounts and can be a hassle to enter each of them to see if there is anything new. Anyway this is subjective, and perhaps for others this is not a priority. If you are indifferent maintain synchronization of your applications can disable this option by accessing Settings> Accounts and unchecking those accounts that do not want to sync.


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