Sony Xperia Tablet Z : Best Tips to Fix Common Problems

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The Sony Xperia Tablet Z is one of our top picks for the holiday. The design is sleek, lightweight, waterproof and dust ,powerful and packed with features, especially the specifications are good. Most people have encountered no problem, but others have had more problems.

We have heard some of the problems of the Sony Xperia Tablet Z and here you have the solutions and proposed solutions.

  • The sensitivity of the touch screen

Few owners of the  Sony Xperia Tablet Z have reported problems with the sensitivity of the touch screen. Some people have found it more sensitive and have had problems with scanning. Sometimes the touch screen registers multiple touches and makes unwanted, such as opening applications you wish not open shares.

Possible solutions to the touch screen:

A firmware update could help solve the problem. To check that you have the latest updates then click the menu icon and select Update Center application. Alternatively install the PC Companion software on your computer, connect the tablet through the USB port, and notify you if an update is available. Some people have reported that the removal of pre-installed protector screen can help improve touchscreen problems, but care must be taken not to damage the screen and consider switching to another screen saver.

  • Microphone muted

A number of people have encountered problems with built-in microphone is silent, however, appears to be limited to specific applications and functions, such as Skype calls and voice search. This is crucial because we can not live without sound.You can always get an external microphone or use a Bluetooth headset.

Possible solutions:

It could be a hardware failure. Try using the Xperia Diagnosis application and report the results to the Sony customer support. They will provide a replacement if they agree it could be a hardware problem.
could be a software problem related to Skype or system software, or some kind of conflict between the two. In that case, you may have to wait for an update. You could try resetting the tablet through Settings> Backup and restore after factory data reset, select Erase internal storage (just be sure to backup first). Now retest the microphone.

  • Problem with Wi-Fi

A lot of people have said they have taken issues with the Wi-Fi. Because there are many possible configurations. It always pays to start by removing the connection, restart the router and your tablet, doing this, we will have a fresh connection. If that does not work then try some of the following ideas.

There are often conflicts between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Some people have reported problems with Wi-Fi when using Bluetooth accessories, such as keyboards and mice are connected. This can be easily checked. Sorry, but there is no obvious solution to this problem.

Possible solutions:

Change the channel on the router. Make sure the mac-filter is off. Try changing the router mode. Make sure DHCP is on and reconfigure the static IP address. Call your router manufacturer or your service provider internet to find out how to do these things. Also make sure the router firmware is updated. If none of this has worked, Lasony have to call and see if you can get a replacement tablet.

  • No support for exFAT SD cards

The LTE version of the  Sony Xperia Tablet Z does not support exFAT SD card format. Only the version of Wi-Fi Tablet Xperia Z does. That means if you want to see a movie that has more than 4GB, it will be a problem.

Possible solutions:

Sony has revealed that it is working on an update that will allow the exFAT format SD cards on the LTE version, but there is no estimated time. You could make you root your Android tablet and download an application to use the exFAT and NTFS formats.

  • Water damage

It is inevitable that some people will bring problems to your  Sony Xperia Tablet Z with water. It is worth remembering that the tablet is waterproof and the real purpose of this is to prevent accidental damage or drop it in water. We strongly advise you not leave the Sony Xperia Z Tablet submerged for so long.

If you get water, Sony will not replace or repair free of charge unless you can prove that you do not let the  Sony Xperia Tablet Z in the water for too long on purpose. It is better not to take the risk.

You can find more information on the official user guide. If you have found a problem, or if you know of some possible solutions to problems, please let us know in the comments and share them with other users.


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