Best 3 free Android apps for Radio & Music lovers

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Today,we present the best applications for music on android. This time try to be neutral and exclude payment applications monthly subscriptions need not have free alternatives (for example Spotify). These alternatives do not compete with each other, complement each other, that is why the three could live in your Android without problems.
Grooveshark Music Play

This first alternative works as radio, choose a band and the system finds us several alternatives and we continually played, we can save the radio and some other features if you use an account database of Grooveshark  also available to stream normal songs for a monthly price of 9 dollars.

Download Grooveshark Music Play
Tune In

With this application you can listen to over 70,000 radio stations with interesting accessories, we can search by artist or song and implementation show us related shows, save, set alarms to be alert to the start of the show and record what you hear (only version pro).

Download Tune In Radio
Google Music Play

When Google ad service Google Music will talk about direct competition with Spotify, Grooveshark and other services audio streaming is serious, the truth was that it was a locker in the cloud where we can upload music files and play them on anywhere in the world with good Internet connection, even turning down free android application found in the Google Play Store. As a negative point we can say that the system upload seems to be a bit slow.

Download Google Play Music

Although there are various applications used to listen to music on our terminal we believe these are essential to complement the multimedia part of Android.


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