[Tutorial] How to hide folders in Android easily

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Privacy is one of the most precious things of Android devices , but with the increase in games Play Store some users are in the position to provide your devices with siblings, children or spouse, this causes a conflict when there are photos, Videos or audio we do not want to be public, that is why today we will show you an effective way to hide folders in Android without installing any software.

Hide folders is essential for those who seek to have more privacy since this method will detect any show or list the files it in this location. To carry out this method must follow the points below:

Steps by steps to hide folders

  • Download and install ES File Explorer
  • The program moves the files you want to hide a folder in common, this may be located anywhere.

  • When finished, go to the folder and press the button " New "
  • Write in the box ".nomedia "without quotes and hit accept.
  • Close all applications you are running and open the photo album, the folder should no longer appear.
  • If you have hidden audio player also sees your phone and check that this no longer.
  • Note: You can always see such photos or listen to the audio from the file browser.
To remove this restriction only comes into ES File Explorer and navigate to the folder, then click the Tools section of the active application the option to " Show hidden files "and delete the . nomedia you created, so you'll never change your files show.

Although there are some programs that do this work, it is recommended that you do manually because many programs installed or running unwanted functions and can damage your files.


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