How to convert Normal SIM card into Micro/Nano Sim-Easy Steps

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Today we talking about very useful information about convert normal SIM to Micro sim in Three Easy Steps.

Here is a very nice trick and it definitely works to convert at a time when our normal SIM into a micro SIM .

Cutting our SIM to make it microSIM

1. The first thing to do is get a good cutting tool,either scissors or a cutter. It is important to make clean cuts to avoid problems later. We also need a rule (if a bit heavy use cutter for card not move while cut).

2. Then we have a workforce of us a microSIM or its action on normal SIM . We will have two options:

a. Measure with the ruler to make the cuts (this is what I have used and works perfectly), marking with a permanent marker and fine according to the measurements that you find in the image below .Keep in mind that not all SIM are identical, but what always equals the size of the microSIM, so you simply adaptáis card that size. There are even models that are short of the rectangle occupied by the circuit to make the conversion.

b. Print the template in 1:1 size.Here you have a link to download the template, which also carries the cutting instructions.

3. then we just have to try to insert the card, if we do not try to go a little more cut and ready . In just 10 minutes you will have your SIM list.


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