Download 5 Most Beautiful themes for Windows 8 (2014)

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Windows 8 has a little over a year with us and although there are many customization options available, However, thanks mainly to the DeviantArt community, we can find now many beautiful themes compatible with Windows 8 and 8.1 .We have selected some of the most beautiful and leave you to decide to put your new suit Windows for the new year.

Retrofukation 8

Theme created by Neiio ,one of the most popular and the creator of all other issues presented here. Ena Retrofukation in adapting a collection of retro style themes originally created for Windows XP and then Windows 7. It has 4 variations, with beautiful colors in pastel browns and blues. It also has a set of extras, including icons, backgrounds, themes and skins for Winamp CD Art Display.

Download Retrofukation 8

Area 4.8

Another theme Neiio also something with a nice retro beige background and blue details. It is an adaptation of a very popular theme for Windows XP for years. Now available for Windows 8 and 8.1. The package includes icons for folders. The classic Start menu is thanks to Start 8 .

Download area 4.8


One that was part of my favorite themes for Windows 7. Work is one of the styles of suite APPOWS, this time Neiio brings us to Windows 8.

Download Work

Space Blueberries  4.8

This is indeed a subject that I currently use on my Windows 8.1, has a simple and elegant decorations windows and makes them look at your task bar very sexy, especially if you combine it with monochromatic icons. It is one of the best songs you can get to Windows 8. Includes 4 very beautiful and minimalist wallpapers that rotate automatically.

Download Space Blueberries


Nimbus is the default style of a large project that is still somewhat green, but can promise a lot: Nimbus OS , an attempt to provide the same interface to multiple devices. The theme is very complete, and uses white tones, it is also compatible with Windows 8 the effect of changing the color of the window decorations according to the color of your desktop wallpaper.

Nimbus has a pack of official icons to match, and a selection of beautiful photographs to use as wallpapers .

Download Nimbus


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