Install CM11,Paranoid,OmniRom on Android Smartphone/Tablet

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This time we'll talk about CyanogenMod, OmniRom and Paranoid Android, custom roms that are based on the source code that Google sends to AOSP project.


One of the most popular, famous and expected at the scene,CyanogenMod is one of the changes that have longer hovering on the scene and has more versions. While the ease of installation is a major advantage that has this modification between Roms Android has a lot of features that makes it one of the best, especially in that squeeze the most power of smartphones and tablets are installed.

  • Support for native threads.
  • Support audio codec FLAC.
  • Long list of Access Point Name.
  • OpenVPN client.
  • Menu reboot improved.
  • Support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB thetering.
  • CPU overclocking.
  • Soft Buttons and other changes of tablets.
  • Toggle on sliding notifications.
  • Manager permits Android Apps .
  • Graphical improvements.

With all these advantages is more than obvious why is that CyanogenMod is one of the most famous in the scene and if you have a compatible smartphone with huge list of support having the group, especially a Samsung Android , you can certainly enjoy these advantages.


This particular is one that, although new, was born after the team CyanogenMod decided to become a private company and lost his fame as a rom open source, which reason that several independent developers who helped with Android Apps , Mods Android or Android Widgets , join and create this Rom.

It is so OmniROM for Android , with almost the same features of CyanogenMod , but with the addition of being open source and there are more developers who are helping to make it more popular and has more features in each nightly or stable release, what turns out to be more than good to install on your device option, taking some of the compatibility with smartphones / tablets most famous scene.

Paranoid Android

Another Android Roms to find the name of Paranoid Android is one of the least fame has in the scene between the three, but not one that is not that good. As striking point seems to be the ability to modify the aesthetics of the operating system at home and can easily change things as little absurd and influential as themes and colors. Although their main disadvantage also find the lack of development in the latest features and integrated applications, because unless they are a successful team of developers does not seem to give much importance as the other groups. But still a highly recommended to enjoy some visual customization oriented ROM.

Paranoid Android only officially supports the Google Nexus as Nexus 4, Nexus Nexus 7 and 10 , but can find no official support for other devices on XDA Forums.
How to install Android ROMs:
If you want to know if your device is compatible with any Rom and also how to install Roms on your Smartphone or tablet, just share the article.

How to install

Root + Custom Recovery :

If you have a media device or a high-end manufacturer like Samsung, LG, Sony Mobile, Motorola, HTC etc, you will not have many problems in power rootearlo and install a recovery.

The problem occurs in Chinese smartphones or tablets,copies of which are similar and whether the hardware is not, so the same process used in the original model does not support copy and have to resort to Several processes have access to super user and install a recovery.

To install a custom recovery the best options are:  ClockworkMod Recovery and TWRP Recovery .


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