How to fix Error 498 on Google Play Store-Solutions

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Sometimes when we try to download apps from Google Play get unexpected errors that may have multiple causes.

One is the Error 498,which does not give many clues about its origin. Is summarized as " Error 498 has occurred while was communicating with the server." To resolve this error there are several ways, you have to keep trying until something works for you.

Method 1: Removing temporary data

Go to Settings (or options) >> Applications

  • Select "All" tab

Find Google Play Store

  • Remove Data
  • Clear Cache

Give back and now seeks Google Play Services

  • Remove Data
  • Clear Cache

Reboot your phone and try again to download your application

Method 2: Removing Gmail account

Go to Settings >> Accounts >> Google

  • Delete your Google account
  • Reboot your device

Login to Settings >> Accounts >> Google

  • Make your account again

Try again to download your application

Method 3: Using the Factory Reset

If neither of the first 2 methods worked, you can try to make a Factory Reset .

This is done as follows:

Login to Settings >> Backup and Restore

  • Factory Reset
  • Reset Device

Expect Android do its work, the phone will reboot.
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If any of these three methods will be served (or some other method), leave it in the comments.


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