The best Skype alternatives for low-end Nokia Lumia phones

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Nokia Lumia 505,510 & 610 users looking for different options to Skype to make video calls I selected the two alternatives that work best. These two alternatives to Skype Lumia 505 to provide a quality experience in the mobile model underWindows Phone are really stable.

The Lumia 505,510 & 610 is one of the phones easier s in the range of smartphones with Windows Phone and includes 256MB of RAM and 4GB of storage . For this reason video calls require applications efficient to maintain stability, good image and sound quality.

Below are the two apps we suggest you from the blog.

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1. Viber

It has one of the largest communities in the segment of video calls and is one of the most interesting alternatives to Skype for Lumia  . With 175 million users and hundreds of thousands that are added daily to the service, this application allows video calls, send messages and share images of text totally free.

Calls are made ​​via VoIP like Skype but has some aspects that outperform the most popular application segment and those are: High quality sound for voice communication, the ability to create groups of up to 16 people and option to share locations and WhatsApp .

Besides its Metro interface is pleasant and intuitive. The service uses your phone number as user ID and makes an automatic synchronization of your contact list.

Requires at least Windows Phone 7 .5 Mango.

2.Tango Video Calls

It is the second major option for Skype Lumia 505 and offers the possibility to make video calls via a connection 3G , 4G or WiFi and communicate with users who have the application installed on your PC, Android , BlackBerry or iOS.

The tool allows you to make voice calls that can instantly become communications with audio and video . It uses very simple, intuitive and does not require you to register to use it.

Works great in every way, the sound and picture quality is excellent and its minimalist interface will guide you through each of the functions. Requires at least Windows Phone 7.5 Mango to run and the Nokia Lumia 705 applications greatly exceeds Skype.

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