How to upload videos to YouTube on Windows Phone 8 Easily

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If you're looking for a good alternative to upload videos to YouTube on Windows Phone, here we offer two options . The first one is only for WP8 while the second is compatible with all versions of the mobile operating system of Microsoft .

Upload video from your mobile to social networks or exclusive pages on other mobile systems is easier, for example iOS and Android , so in this post compile applications that need Windows Phone to share your favorite videos in the fastest way and comfortable.

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Nokia Video Upload

It is an application for Windows Phone 8 that lets you easily upload video to YouTube on the Microsoft platform. The videos can be edited in two parameters, title and privacy, and the process to upload is extremely intuitive.

To start the process you have to choose a video from the gallery and select the option to share. Nokia Video Upload , formerly known as YouTube Upload , works perfectly with connections WiFi and 3G, does not have any complication and only we can blame not working in the background.
Download from Windows phone store

Social Camera

This free tool lets you upload YouTube videos on Windows Phone in two ways . The first option is by uploading your own videos and second transferring your videos to SkyDrive site more popular and important video Internet .

One feature to note is that the application performs very well with full length videos . The interface meets all requirements for a great experience.
Download from Windows phone store
Social Camera is compatible with Windows Phone 7 .5 and 8.

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