Install WhatsApp Messenger on Apple iPad -Tutorial

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WhatsApp is the one of the most popular smartphone apps in the world today . The instant messaging application has managed to conquer the hearts of the people and it is common that everyone wear this application installed on your smartphone.

WhatsApp not only allows us to send text messages to your contacts , it is also possible to send photos, videos, audio notes, contacts and even send our exact location in case your smartphone is capable of geolocation.

How to Install WhatsApp on iPad from a computer

If you prefer to install WhatsApp on iPad from a computer is possible. As you're imagining, to install the application need to use some software that can do this. Of course, iTunes will not allow it because it is a modified application, so you should use iFunBox , an interesting tool for installing software on iPad in a convenient way.

  • The first step is to download the modified version of WhatsApp to your computer.
  • Once downloaded, you must install the iFunBox application is available for both Mac and for Windows.
  • Open iFunBox application and select the option "Install App "located on the top bar, toward the center.
  • In the new window that is displayed, you must choose the WhatsApp application that you downloaded in the first point. The installation process will begin and will last just a few seconds.
  • Once called WhatsApp appear on the desktop of the iPad, but you should not run it. The next step is to access Cydia and install WhatsPad application.
  • Once installed WhatsPad, and can run WhatsApp and follow the steps on screen to activate the application.
To run WhatsApp on iPad you must have done the Jailbreak process . Therefore, WhatsApp will only work on iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3. Once the Jailbreak of iOS 6 is available, run WhatsApp on iPad 4 (iPad Retina), iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina.

Do you have any doubt as to have WhatsApp on your iPad ? Ask in the comments!

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