2 Easy Methods to Unlock Forgot Pattern & Passwords on Android

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Forget the unlock pattern screen is a common problem when using Android phones (gesture to do with your finger to unlock the phone). This feature is great to see someone keep us moving without permission,but if we forget that some times.

Here is the best solution of the unlock or bypass problems

There are two Methods:

First Option

This method is functional when we know the pattern but someone entered wrong several times and we are now being asked is the google account. And it's the password for this account what we have.

  • Create a new Gmail account on the PC.
  • Call from another number to our cell.
  • Took down and press the Home key mobile.
  • Turn on the wifi if off.
  • Access the menu Settings -> Security and disable the unlock pattern. Yes i know we are not to use the second option.
  • Access the menu Settings -> Sync and add the Gmail account you just create us in the PC.
  • Turn off the phone.
  • Turn it on and introduce new Google Account

This method is only valid in some older versions of Android, so it is possible that the newer phones do not work. If this is the case should go to the menu  Storage -> . Restoring factory data This will erase everything on the phone but it would solve the problem.

Second Option

This method is harmful to mobile data, but is the only option to re-use if one method has failed. Just do not erase what you have on your microSD.

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Turn into recovery mode (by pressing the Volume Up, Home and Power simultaneously . If the mobile has physical call and hang up keys need to press green call key, Home and on at a time ).
  • Many new options appear in menu (move to do with the volume keys).
  • We chose the option WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET.
  • When finished choose the option REBOOT SYSTEM NOW .
  • This will format the phone and left as it left the factory.

As we say the second option is like formatting a PC, we lose all that we had not saved in the microSD.


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