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KIES is Samsung official application to interact with your devices from the computer, and has versions that work on Windows and Mac OS systems.With this application is possible both sync our contacts and events, such as the synchronization of music, pictures and video.

You can update the internal software, also known as ROM devices of the brand, as well as perform and restore backups with this application


When you download and run the installer KIES, it will not only install the corresponding application, but also access to the device drivers, which are necessary for the operating system recognizes.

As noted, the installation is done through a wizard, so it is extremely simple.

Data synchronization

When we start KIES, it checks if there is a phone connected, using the appropriate cable to the computer, in which case it will detect and enable the corresponding synchronization options (contacts, events, audio and video).

There is now the possibility that KIES works via WiFi through KIES Air application, which is installed by default on most modern devices.

The application is highly user-oriented and is very simple to use, although there are solutions more direct and transparent synchronization, as implemented by Google for contacts and events, for example.

As for the media synchronization, synchronization, pictures and videos between your device and your computer is allowed.

Updating the firmware

Undoubtedly the most useful is the ability to KIES update device firmware to the latest version available for the same with the only exception that it is updated taking into account the country of origin and the operator which is linked which may delay the availability of updates.

In any event, the mode of action is similar to that we used for synchronization: connect the device and expect the application to detect it.

Then click on the icon for our device, in the top left of the screen, and check the information contained in the basic information tab, indicating both installed as the latest version available, if there are any updates.

If there is any update, we simply click on the "install update" to start the process, including downloading the same from Samsung servers, which ensures the validity thereof, their cargo in the device and its subsequent installation.

The process is very descriptive and instructions provided by the manufacturer are sufficiently descriptive, facilitating a process that can last a few minutes.


Using this utility you can perform a backup of the data on the device, which will be stored on your computer, which can be restored later if necessary.

It is particularly recommended to backup your data before updating the device firmware.

To access the backup functionality, we click on the "backup and restore", located on the top right of the screen, which will display a list of items that can be preserved: contacts, music, photos and videos.

The copying starts when you select the type of items to preserve and make click on the button.

As for restoring a previous backup, the application will allow us to select the copy to restore, as well as the type of the elements to restore from the included therein.

Certainly this application option loses some of its importance in the current environment, in which users can sync your contacts with Google, increasing availability, and multimedia elements directly through data cable or through a service cloud like Dropbox , Drive , etc..

Shop Applications

KIES also be used to install applications from the Samsung Apps store , in which we sometimes find any news or application that can be downloaded for free by users of a particular phone model.


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