How to clean your smartphone,protect from dirt and dust?

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Everyone has probably already been through this situation. When a message WhatsApp, Skype or Line comes while you are eating a delicious chicken greasy. You grab the phone from his pocket to read the message and that's when you realize that your phone is also loaded with fat.

A clean and germ free smartphone can avoid opportunistic virus. Here are some tricks to clean Android devices.

 what items can be used for cleaning?

  • Cloth or microfiber towel. Many devices come with one, otherwise you can use any cloth sunglasses.
  • Alcohol wipes and regular dry swabs
  • Water,isopropyl alcohol, distilled water or a special liquid for cleaning the screen.

How to clean your smartphone?

Be careful when using liquids on your smartphone, can infiltrate the edges of the device. Do not use too much and just to be safe, turn off the phone while cleaning (and do not turn it on until you are sure that your mobile is dry).

Do not press very strong screen with the cloth as this can cause scratches on the glass for debris on the screen. Most devices currently have very resistant screens, but prevention must always have her. Of course, if you turned off your phone before you start, you should be able to see the grease stains, fingerprints.

Add a little water on the swab and slide the swab gently around the screen and the back, being careful around the entrances of the headphones, physical buttons, and other inputs.

Device to dry completely, use the microfiber cloth in a circular motion.

How to protect your device from dirt and dust?

To prevent small dust particles enter the slots smartphone, it is best to use a protective cover. You can find a million guards around the Internet.

Otherwise, you can buy a screen protector that also protects it against dust. Of course, the least amount of water, dirt, can keep the best smartphone.

How do you keep your smartphone clean and protected? Know any other tips you can share with other users?


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