How to install any Games & Apps on Chinese Mobiles

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Hello everyone, this is already our third post hacerca Chinese mobile games or games like putting on a Chinese Mobile . Certainly you must have someone serve our previous post, but some not.

In the discussion that was generated in the post games for chinese phone, I found a very good contribution made by Kike RIOS, a visitor to our blog who gave us a solution that apparently it has worked for many of our users. Below step detail, the moment I do not own any catch since I have not a Chinese mobile to capture (if someone does please feel free to send screenshots to rinse the post), the steps are as follows :

1. Download the following ZIP file and unzip
2. The SD OF CHINA FOR MOBILE folder contains the following folders, as shown in the following image:

3. Replace these folders on the SD Chinese cell, its SD memory had these folders, simply Let them create.

4. Restart the phone and type the following code: * # 66 * # , wait for a window, in that window you head out to where it says ECHO LOOP OR CYCLE ECO pressed key or turn ON (green button).

5. Out of the Ca pressing the logout button or cancel call.

6. Enter the following code: * # 220807 #. Done.

If the Chinese phone supports NES games, rest assured that the NES games appear in the SD. The games folder on the SD memory Mytrhoad / NES.

We hope this new tutorial serve them, are all supposed to learn from all this is a community, seek to have it be so, let's go! try all the tutorials, if they work do not forget to comment here so that everyone has the experience, if it did not work, let's discuss it like make and model of mobile to find out which makes you and which are not.

We expect them to behave when commenting, if I see any comments that do not benefit anyone will be deleted immediately, suffice to say that all comments have a huge folder, so are spent not writing swearing or insults, which never appear.

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