MiHome Launcher » Customize your Android to make it look like iPhone

By on 20:23

MiHome Launcher is a launcher that replaces the design of the Home screen natively . MIUI is a creation of the popular custom ROM that offers a different look to traditional Android Launcher and is influenced by the design of iOS mobile - with icons and simple interface.

All icons are displayed on the home screen and need to be organized in folders. The Launcher includes some automation options that organize everything for you. 's incredibly fluid and comparison of iOS, lets you include widgets, either integrated or third parties . In other words, this application offers a look at what would be if it included iOS widgets (like that nearby are the similarities).

MiHome Launcher for Android

Another reason MiHome is so popular is its customization options . The application gives you direct access to a wide range of topics that can be downloaded to turn on the lock screen, home screen or even on your ringtone. You can change each item and create your own combination if desired.

Use MiHome Launcher is like having iOS and Android at the same time: it's fun and easy and includes a high degree of customization .

Download MiHome Launcher .