Best way to transfer files between Mac and Android (No Cables!)

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Now I have a MacBook Air, an Android tablet and a PC, one of my main problems is how to transfer files from one to another without having to connect wires, take me hours, or slit my wrists in the process. Here, one of the earliest solutions seem to remain the most effective: the FTP.

What is FTP?

If you do not know, I think it's time to let you know. FTP is a protocol - that is, a way in which computers and devices talk to each other. Is, in a sense, similar to HTTP, but with some differences. While HTTP is the public internet, the internet is private FTP. It is a method used by companies to move files quickly, privately, for example. But luckily, you can also use it. Easy!

What you'll need (Download and install)

To move files between Android and your Mac or PC File Expert I recommend downloading to your Android. This is a very complete app with which you can explore all the files in your phone or tablet. It is perhaps a bit more powerful than most people need, but will serve this purpose.

Once you have done that, go to the home screen. One of the newest options is "Share my Contents".

Appear several options for sharing your files. This app is very versatile, as you can see, but right now we are interested in the "Share via FTP". Dale tap that.

You see this screen:

There are many numbers and so, but do not panic, no joke! Leave aside the tablet or on a cell phone, and now go to your Mac / PC

On your Mac or PC

Download and install Filezilla. This program is an FTP client. What this means in a nutshell, is that you will connect to your tablet via FTP to do misdeeds, very similar to a browser. However, for access to FTP a few things need more than a simple address.


The server address. In this case is in the form of a local IP address ( This means that no one outside your WiFi can access your tablet, but anyone connected to your WiFI, could, in theory, access it. Therefore, it is not 100% recommended that you do on a public WiFi like Starbucks.

Username and password

Similar to an email, to access a private FTP (as is the case here) need a password and a key. In this case, these have been provided by you.

User: faith
Password: filexpert


At the end of the IP address, you can see four numbers after a colon. These numbers represent the port through which you are connecting your tablet to your computer. Think of it as a train station. The IP address is Kings Cross, but the port is the Platform 9 3/4.

Now open FileZilla, and enter the data you see on your tablet on the top line that says host, user, password and port and click on QuickConnect.

Now what will happen is that you will see on the right all the files that are on your tablet, and left all the files on your computer. To transfer between them, only drag from one place to another. This will make a copy of the files, or cut and paste, depending on your configuration.

Ready! Now be happy transferring files between your devices, wirelessly and fast. The best thing is that once you've done that, the setting is saved, so just open both programs and connect to transfer files without having to reconfigure.
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