4 Applications to find free WiFi networks in Android

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If you need good applications to find networks WiFi on your phone with Android I tell you that in this post you will find a compilation with four excellent alternatives. Each lets you find WiFi hotspots to connect completely free and easy way.

We tested the four options and their performance was really effective . Below is the full list for you to choose the one that best conform to your needs.

Applications to find WiFi networks and hotspots in Android

1.Wi-Fi Finder

It is one of the most effective applications that exist to find WiFi hotspots from a mobile on Android . With more than 550,000 public hotspots worldwide tool also provides complete each detail.
A remarkable feature is that the app also works offline, which will save on the data packet hired. Download


Find and connect to all kinds of WiFi networks effectively. With this application you can connect to networks  WEP, WPA, WPA2 and open . Also comes with a clear interface that includes graphics for better viewing.
Works with Android 2.1 and higher. Download

3.Free WiFi

It is a Microsoft Foursquare works super simple, as you just have to mark a location and hope to show a list of nearby access points.
It also filters by relevant WiFi networks to get a better online experience. Requires Android 2.2 or higher. Download

4.Free WiFi Zone

Provides a basis with over 1,500,000 wireless access points and marks free in clear and colorful map. The tool works in the background and connects when it finds a free network (if the networks are quality user stays connected all the time)

Works with Android 2.1 and higher. Download

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