Solve problems connecting to WhatsApp in BlackBerry

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In this tutorial we will try to give solution to the question: Why I can not connect to WhatsApp in BlackBerry? unable to connect to most popular messaging application the time it can manifest in the following ways:

  • A clock appears next to the message to send.
  • Can not send or receive messages.
  • The error "Local connection timeout" appears.
  • A sign of "waiting network" appears.
  • There are problems on 3G or WiFi connection.
  • There are problems on the servers of the app.
  • Download the latest version of the application . This ensures to have a version with all the bugs fixed from previous versions installed.
  • Check that the connection is working properly.
  • Disconnect the 3G or WiFi to force connection to a specific network.
  • Try with different wireless networks to ensure that the problem does not come around.
  • Reset the phone (and setting off)
  • Check the setting of permissions : enter Options - Device - Application Management - WhatsApp. Once there "Edit Permissions" changing them to "Allow" .
If these steps explained the problems are not resolved you should see if your 3G data package is in effect, if you got the service enabled, try calling your mobile phone company to check the connection settings or reinstall WhatsApp .

Important : If you see only green check mark next to the messages sent that does not mean that the application can not connect the phone or have any problems. A single tick can mean that the message receiver phone is off, the person does not hear about the arrival of the message, you have locked or has not paid the same.

If you got any questions about it or else you can not connect to WhatsApp to leave us a comment BalckBerry

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