How to stop automatic updates in Google Play store

By on 18:39

We bring this little mini tutorial to remove the automatic updates in Google Play, so annoying that can be. In general, all applications found in Google Play will be improving and updating. And our Android smartphone or tablet detect updates and start downloading fully automatically. Eventually cause discomfort to the user of the phone.

It is very important for the proper functioning and performance of your phone or tablet, simply dispongas your applications up to date, but do not worry about the updates off , the can be done manually. There is an easy way to  disable automatic updates  on your Android phone. If you are ready, follow these small steps:

  • Open the app Play Store
  • Press the menu button and select 'option Settings '.
  • Then you will see different options, press on ' Update automatically 'and mark the' No update applications automatically 'and finally we will have ready for our device does not receive automatic updates.
  • Well, following this small tutorial we could eliminate the automatic updates of Google Play  to their default all devices.


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