6 Free Apps to hide photos,videos and messages in Android

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If you want an effective alternative for you to hide photos in Android then these applications you will be interested. Today's smartphones are the center hosting personal photo albums, family and work, so there are photos which have to protect or aumentarles level of privacy .
In this list you will find 6 free applications for Android in which you can hide and protect photos, video , messages and other private content.

Apps to Hide Photos in Android

Hide it Pro

It is an excellent application for protecting photos hosted on your mobile and prevent others prying to see. The tool hides its true function through a transmission interface allows audio and hide pictures, videos, and even audio messages.

It works great and is compatible with Android 1.6 or higher. Download


It is an application of the techniques used to hide photos on Android with full efficiency and quality. To hide and to do that you disappear from the gallery just need to create a password or PIN to access.

Their management is extremely simple and intuitive so you will not have problems with using KeepSafe. The app works with Android 2.1 or higher. Download

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Fulfills the same function as the aforementioned applications actually simple. To hide images or videos from your Android will also be required to create a password .

The application allows hiding unlimited photos and freely. It is compatible with certain Android devices. Download

Gallery Lock Free

It is another simple application that will protect the most of your mobile privacy You hiding files, pictures and videos, through a password or creating an access pattern. Also you can sort photos into folders comfortable.

The application is available in English, Japanese and Korean. Works with Android 2.1 and higher. Download

Super Vault

It is a tool that goes a little beyond security and privacy by allowing hide pictures, and video messages through encryption . It even supports documents and PDF files as well as allows quickly recover your password via email if you forget it.

Works with Android 2.0 or higher. Download

Secret Photos Free

It is a tool that encrypts your images to protect privacy and takes care of your personal photos. The free version allows to hide up to 5 photos, however who are looking for something simple, fast and effective for specific content in this app you will find a very good option.

Works with Android 2.1 and higher. Download

What is your favorite or which of these applications you use to hide pictures on Android?

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